Txuan -- Why do Swivel Joints Rotary Joint Explode?


At the end of May, there was an "explosion" in the rotary joint of a Yank cylinder in a domestic paper factory. The graphite ring fragments from the explosion broke a hole in the protective net outside the rotary joint, and the steam and graphite ring fragments flying out could be seen everywhere in the workshop.Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The accident investigation team obtained surveillance video of the "explosion".It was determined that the graphite ring of the rotary joint had ruptured, causing a sudden steam leak and an emergency shutdown.After further investigation, it was found that the rotary joint graphite ring used by the paper mill was not supplied by the original factory, which led to the accident.Summer is coming, this lesson once again to many factories sounded the alarm bell about production safety.

Rotary joint is a key component connecting pipeline and pressure vessel. Its performance and reliability not only affect the efficiency of equipment, but also an important link that can not be ignored in production safety.In recent years, because of the rotary joint manufacturers in the selection of spare parts or improper selection of equipment caused by the unexpected shutdown, safety accidents often occur.So how to use the rotary joint?

  • Choose high quality suppliers, product quality is guaranteed

At present, there are more than 300 rotary joint factories in China, and hundreds of them are small workshops with only ten people, with different quality.When the user chooses the matching factory, it is suggested to pay attention to the following three points:

Industry Giants

Leading enterprises in the industry supporting manufacturers, large companies pay attention to the control of suppliers, and pay attention to urge the growth of suppliers.Through the strict audit of the manufacturers, enterprise management, product quality, cost control and other aspects have certain advantages.

Industry status

The size of the company, its position in the industry.To achieve a certain scale, and in the leading enterprises in the industry, must be tested by the market, customer recognition, can be worth choosing.

Corporate Management Standards

Whether the supplier has passed the system certification recognized at home and abroad and the management level of the company, you can go to the factory site to see whether the standard management is really achieved, which is an important guarantee of product consistency。

  • Choose genuine accessories, product life will be longer

Tengxuan Technology has invested a lot of research and experiment in research and development. Its core parts are designed according to precise dimensional tolerances.Key materials are analyzed and verified to ensure their reliability;In addition, the unique processing technology effectively guarantees the performance and safety of the products.

Some users blindly pursue to reduce costs and buy spare parts of non-original rotary joints from the market, but they do not know that the differences in materials, technology, processing and debugging will affect the function and safety of the products, resulting in equipment damage and even accidents, and the root of hidden safety hazards.

Take graphite sealing ring as an example. Seemingly similar accessories, where are their differences in the end?

  • Graphite manufacturers have differences

Tengxuan's graphite raw materials are all from Germany and Japan;The company has mastered the ability to analyze the metallographic structure of graphite substrate, and has the ability to test the bending strength, tensile strength, compressive strength and other key elements of graphite.At the same time, Tengxuan has CNC precision processing equipment and advanced impregnation and processing technology of graphite seal, which firmly controls the autonomy of graphite seal ring in its own hands.At present, the quality of most graphite ring materials or processing in the domestic market is worrying.

  • Material selection needs to be professional

Through the rotary joint medium temperature is different, immersed in the graphite material is very different.Professional manufacturers will strictly distinguish according to the temperature.If the seller doesn't ask about your temperature when buying, you should be on your guard.

  • It will be ground before leaving the factory

Tengxuan graphite sealing ring should be ground on self-developed professional equipment before leaving the factory to ensure that the sealing surface meets the technical requirements.Sealing surface without grinding graphite sealing ring, the use of leakage, it is not strange.

Tengxuan Technology has been rooted in the rotary joint industry for more than 20 years and has two production bases in Wuxi and Langxi. The company was listed on the New Third Board in 2014.With the construction machinery, wind power, rubber and plastic, machine tools, paper and other industries leading enterprises to maintain long-term cooperation, and won a good reputation.Companies adhere to the technology innovation and product quality as the lifeline of enterprise development, we sincerely welcome users in the use of products encountered any problem to communicate and discuss with us.