Txuan -- According to customer requirements, professional technicians on-site installation instructions


To promote the cooperation between company and customers, and provide customers with better service, Tengxuan technology and technical manager and the personnel of the service to go to jiangsu Boluwei factory, according to the problems on the rotary joint in the selection, the assembly has carried on the technical discussion, through awareness and close communication, field put forward effective solution,To solve customers' practical problems more thoroughly.

Tengxuan technical personnel in detail introduced several commonly used thermal oil rotary joint structure, process, installation and use precautions, including high temperature low speed, low temperature high speed and high temperature high speed and other different types of thermal oil rotary joint, only the right joint, in order to achieve the longest use effect.

The on-site training reflects the company's serious and rigorous, customer service attitude and concept!The customer is very satisfied!Tengxuan development so far, every point of achievement is inseparable from the customer's trust and support, for which we express deep respect and sincere thanks!