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Tengxuan rotary joint --- What is the Rotary Joint?

What is the Rotary Joint? Rotary joints from many years ago to more than 10 industries to more than 30 industries. Some customers don't know what rotary joints are. Some customers generally only know the adapter installed on the roller, or become a seal.


Txuan --- High Temperature Rotary Joint for Water, Oil, Steam

High temperature rotary joint, different types of media are not the same, our equipment manufacturers in the selection of high temperature rotary joint, need to judge according to its use, we need to confirm the medium fluid, pressure, temperature, speed


High speed rotary joint of motorized spindle machine tool

With the development of more and more mechanical equipment towards high speed, high precision, high efficiency and high intelligence, motorized spindle has become one of the most suitable core functional components of high-performance CNC machine tools. C


Txuan -- Application of coupling in wind power industry

Wind energy is a kind of inexhaustible renewable energy. Tengxuan Rotary joint is widely used in wind power industry. Tengxuan diaphragm coupling is also a product used in the wind power industry.


TXUAN -- Rotary Joint Maintenance Tips

Rotary joint parts will wear after long-term use, so it is necessary to often maintain to prolong the life of the rotary joint. Today, I would like to talk to you about how to maintain the rotary joint : Long-term shutdown of the machine will lead to rust


High Speed Rotary Joint for Machine Tool

As an important part of the machine tool spindle, the rotary joint will have a great impact on the spindle once there is a problem. Mechanical spindle speed has been as high as 15000RPM, 3C industry, high precision machinery industry motorized spindle is


Txuan -- How to Select Rotary Joint for Water

The simple parts drawing including spring, carbon, shaft, body, pipe etc. No Contrast, No Harm


China National Day

We hope everyone has a well rested and lovely break with your family and friends during the long Golden week holiday.


TXUAN -- Steam Rotary Joint Daily Maintenance Method

QGX steam rotary joint, this product for some of the spare parts, such as: ball end cover, spherical ring, pipe, o-rings, sealing gaskets, etc., use for a long time will gradually wear and tear


Txuan -- According to customer requirements, professional technicians on-site installation instructions

Enter the customer site, provide intimate service and technical communication with Boluwei company


Txuan -- How to Avoid Leakage of Hot Water Rotary Joint

With the increasing demand for hot water rotary joint, the use of complex environment, often appear leakage, damage and other phenomena, if not solved in time will bring a certain economic loss to the production


Txuan -- Details of proper installation of metal hoses

Metal hose is a kind of high-quality flexible pipe in modern industrial pipeline, with good softness, fatigue resistance and high pressure, good temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, strong sealing and many other characteristics.