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[New product] Special central rotary joint for electric excavator

China is committed to innovative, coordinated, green, open and Shared development and to green, low-carbon and sustainable development.In recent years, with the rise of new energy electric vehicles, some construction machinery manufacturers have developed


The characteristics of high speed rotary joint of machine shaft

G series rotary joints are specially developed for CNC, deep hole processing and automatic control and other applications of a fluid transmission products, its function is to be able to realize the fluid (gas or liquid) medium transmission from the pipeli


How does the Rotary Joints / Rotary Unions works ?

Many customers are interested in the working principle of rotary joints. Different specifications and models of rotary joints also have different working principles. Next, we will explain the working principle of rotary joints in the form of pictures and


What is the Central Rotary Joint of Excavator

Both of the upperand lower partsof construction machinery (such as excavator, crane, etc.) have hydraulic system and share a set of hydraulic system. The upper and lower parts have relatively large rotation Angle or continuous rotation, to prevent the hyd


The Application and Advantages of SC-O type Thermal Oil Rotary Joint

Txuan SC type of hot oil rotary joint is suitable for the equipments such as Mill, Mixer , Hot Roller, Calender, Setting Machine, Extruder, etc. The hot oil rotary joint is fixed to a end cover with a liquid channel at one end of the body


Why is the steam rotary joint on the corrugated dryer cylinder easy to leakage

Some customers with corrugated board linesreport that the rotary joint on the drying cylinder is than the one on the corrugated roller.It will leak after a few months of use. theysuspected that there is a quality problem with the rotary joint.In fact, thi


How to keep hydraulic rotary joint clean

As we all know, the hydraulic system is like the heart of the machine, the requirements for cleanliness are very high. There is absolutely no burr, scrap iron, etc. No contaminants, such as hair, can be found in the hydraulic system.Hydraulic rotary joint


How to maintain the swivel joint

The rotary joint probably is not as perfect as a new one after long time use, So we often need to do some maintenance to extend its service life, today we are going talk about how to maintain the rotary joint.


Txuan New Products Water Wheel hydraulic rotary joints

Txuan the hydraulic rotary joint for hydraulic turbine of hydropower station has been successfully delivered to the customer for installation. The hydraulic rotary joint of hydraulic turbine in hydropower station is mainly used for blade changing,the heig


How to choose thermal oil rotary joint in non-woven industry

How to choose the correct thermal oil rotary joint? The following picture shows a customer in the non-woven fabric industry. The imported equipment he used was matched with the products of an international famous brand.We advise the customer to take the r


Great News! Txuan’s subsidiary -Langxi factory has officially been started running!

After two years’ hard work, Txuan’s subsidiary-Langxi factoryhas been completed on March, and then come into service. At present, the hydraulic rotary jointproductionlines are running at full capacity to produce Hydraulic Central Rotary Joints


What is the Cause of Excavator Running Deviation

The excavator running deviation and you don't know where the problem is. Txuan shows you how to diagnose faults quickly. Undoubtedly, there is something wrong with the hydraulic system that controls the movement of the excavator.