China National Day

We hope everyone has a well rested and lovely break with your family and friends during the long Golden week holiday.


Txuan -- According to customer requirements, professional technicians on-site installation instructions

Enter the customer site, provide intimate service and technical communication with Boluwei company


Txuan -- Why do Swivel Joints Rotary Joint Explode?

At the end of May, there was an "explosion" in the rotary joint of a Yank cylinder in a domestic paper factory. The graphite ring fragments from the explosion broke a hole in the protective net outside the rotary joint


Txuan--Dragon Boat Day

The dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Festival in China.



Welcome to come and see us at booth room H5E19 National Conference and Convention ( Shanghai)


The Best Quality and Service --- Tengxuan The Way of Survival

Established in 1999, Tengxuan Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the dynamic sealing industry, with a complete range of products such as hydraulic rotary joints, central rotary joints and shield machine rotary joints, which can replace imported pro


Txuan wish you and your family happy Chinese Spring Festival !

Tengxuan Technology Wishing you and your family happy Chinese Spring Festival ! Good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year!


Why Tengxuan Central Rotary Joint Are Increasing

Tengxuan Technology specializes in the production of swivel joints and central swwivel joints. With the successful production of Langxi, a subsidiary of Tengxuan, this year, the production capacity of central swivel joints has been greatly increased


Why choose Txuan Water Rotary Joint of Machinery Tool Industry Products

Machine tool center water rotary joint is the internal parts of the machine tool, many customers do not know what kind of machine tool center water rotary joint to buy.Today, Tengxuan will take you to understand the center of the machine tool water rotary


Teng Xuan technology in one minute to take you to understand the ML series of hydraulic rotary joint

With the higher and higher requirement of production, many hydraulic equipment manufacturers have a stronger and stronger demand for high speed roll operation.This also brings a lot of trouble to the rotary joint manufacturers


2020 DMP

November 24-27.2020 / Shenzhen / China Booth: 5L01


2020 Bauma CHINA Booth N4.339

International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines and Construction Vehicles. November 24–27, 2020 | Shanghai, China